Heatless Hairstyles to Create Beautiful Look

Heatless hair styles are great for those who don’t have a lot of time,  and/or for women who have damaged hair. As for the latter, blow dryers, curling  irons, flat irons, and hot rollers all have great potential to damage your hair,  and should not be used every day. Since you don’t want to have a head of frizzy,  damaged hair, you should consider using hairstyles that don’t require heat. When  styling hair with no heat, you’ll need bobby pins, a spray bottle, water,  mousse, hair spray and leave-in conditioner. Basic hair styles or natural  hairstyles that don’t require heat can be spiced up by using hair accessories  like headbands, barrettes, ribbons or scarves.

Cute Hairstyles without Heat

Braided Hairstyles

The most basic and perhaps most universal hair style that doesn’t require  heat is the braid. Braids have stayed classic because they are easy to perfect,  and require little product and hair tools. You’ll be able to style wet or dry  hair to create an English braid, French braid, twist braid or fishtail braid,  thus making braids the ultimate go-to hairstyle for when you’re suffering  through a bad hair day.

Braid to Waves

School and work suck up a lot of time because of homework and/or late nights  at the office; but that’s no excuse for not doing your hair! When you know that  you will have a limited amount of time in the morning, braid your hair the night  before to create soft and manageable waves; the trick is to dampen your hair.  However, if you get your hair too wet, it will not dry by the morning, and your  hair will fall flat and frizz. So mist your hair with water and use a mousse,  texturizing spray, or flexible hair spray to apply to your strands before  braiding. Sleep with your hair braiding, and in the morning, un-braid your hair  to reveal heatless waves and body.

How to use Foam/Sponge Rollers

This idea works for those special occasions, school delays, or date nights  when you know you have the extra time to spare. You can also try sleeping with  the rollers; however, keep in mind that it can be uncomfortable. Foam rollers  come in different sizes, so it’s easy to create soft waves or curls with no  heat. You can find foam rollers at many dollar stores or discount department  stores for under $5.

To maximize the foam rollers’ potential, get your hair damp with a little  water or leave-in conditioning spray. Then apply a small amount of mouse,  texturizing spray, or flexible hold hair spray. Separate your hair into small  sections beginning with your bangs, and roll your hair onto the roller according  to the directions found on the packaging. If you want waves, use medium-to-large  rollers, and small-to-medium rollers for tighter curls. Let your hair dry  completely before removing the rollers from your hair; this should take a couple  of hours. When you remove the rollers from your hair, gently comb your fingers  through the hair to loosen the curls. You might even want to tease your hair at  the roots for more volume. To finish the look, spray with flexible hold  hairspray, and if you’re feeling up to it, wear a headband to accessorize.

Twisted Bun Method

An easy way to achieve soft-looking curls is to use a twisted bun method.  Again you will need damp hair with a little hair product such as hair spray,  mousse or texturizing spray.

Begin by parting your hair down the center, and secure one side of your hair  with a clip or ponytail holder. Starting with your bangs on the other side,  twist small sections of your hair, and then twist them into small buns. Secure  them with a bobby pin, and go get some beauty rest; by the morning your hair  should be dry. Unravel your twisted buns and gently shake your curls out to  separate the strands. Tease your hair to create volume, throw on a headband, and  spray with some flexible hold hair spray; now you’re ready for the day!

The Perfect Bun

This heatless hairstyle will require a "bun former", which is also known as  the doughnut ring, bun shaper or bun ring. You can make your own bun former by  using a long sock and scissors. Cut the toe section off of the sock so that you  can put your arm through it; this is similar to a leg warmer. Then you roll it  into a doughnut shape to finish off the bun former. Next, comb through your hair  and then put it into a ponytail using a hair elastic; then pull your hair  through the middle of the bun former. Holding the bun former at the end of your  ponytail, roll your hair around the doughnut to complete the look.

Another option is to secure a ponytail, and then pull your hair through the  doughnut. Once you’ve completed this step, split your ponytail into two  sections. Use a clip to hold the section you’re not working with out of your  way. Take a small section of hair and fold it over the doughnut to secure the  hair with a bobby pin. Repeat the process until all of your hair has been folded  and secured with bobby pins. You may have hair sticking out when you’re done; to  hide them use bobby pins to tuck the strands under the bun. Make sure the bun  former isn’t showing through your hair; if it is then rearrange your hair so  that it is fully covered. Spray with hair spray, and you’re ready to face the  world.

Once again, using heatless hairstyle looks is a great way to save yourself  some time during those busy days. Perhaps more importantly, not using heated  tools on your hair is an excellent way to keep it looking healthy and vibrant  throughout the day. Plus it’s just fun to learn and use these methods for other  means of styling your hair!

Heatless hairstyles are popular these days. You can find many of them, give them a try!

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24 Jun 2016

By beauty-Tips.net