Making Curly Hair Straight

Making Curly Hair Straight

Author: dolly.gautam

Many of you are interested in knowing how to make curly hair straight?Are you bored with your hair or you want to achieve a new look.Curly hairs are very difficult to handle when knots are formed in them and when they all get meshed up like a net.That's why many people want to change their hairstyle from curly hair to straight hairs because in the process of getting rid from knots people usually break them, so the problem of loosing hairs arises.So everyone who are suffering from these problem and want to get rid from these problem,here we are for you suggesting the ways by which you can change your hair style and get rid from the problem.They are:-

  • Using Flat Iron and Wax:You can use a flat-iron and hair wax for the straightening of your curly hairs.First you must divide your hairs into parts as much as you can handle and then apply the hair wax on them that will help your hair hold its straight style.The wax helps seal out humidity and provides a polishing and smoothing action when you use it with a flat-iron.Start applying part by part so it will be easy for you.Now use the flat-iron but protect your hair strands from the heat of the iron.They can harm your hair strands if not being used properly due to the heat coming out from it.It is used for the purpose of drying the moisture of the hair.Move slowly the iron down to the root,there should be no hurry to finish it, do it slowly and steadily.You must do it section wise and the wax applied will help the flat-iron to move down slowly and smoothly.If it pulls and tugs your hair, you are squeezing it too tightly.There are several products in the market for hair wax,you must use an inexpensive one and one which leaves your hair very smooth, not stiff and clumsy. Continue this process until you are finished with every section of your hair strands.Now watch every section of your hair if some of the hair strands are still curly then go over them again with the iron.After then allow it to cool for some time and apply brush or comb to blend the hair strands and break up the possibly clumped sections.You can keep this straight, sleek look until you wash your hair by touching it up with the flat-iron each morning.
  • Use shampoo and Conditioner:You must use the shampoo and conditioner on the daily basis to maintain them straight and cool.

By using the above steps you will definitely achieve a makeover but do with the precautions.

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22 May 2016

By dolly.gautam